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Where do I enter?

Entries for the Nissan Trailseeker Series are available here:

Mountain Bike
Nissan Trailseeker Legends MX – https://www.jumpertrax.com/events/2181-tsg2-2018
Nissan Trailseeker Grabouw – https://www.jumpertrax.com/events/2411-trail-champs
Nissan Trailseeker Wellington – https://www.jumpertrax.com/events/2251-tswc1-2018
Nissan Trailseeker Mabalingwe – https://www.jumpertrax.com/events/2191-tsg3-2018
Nissan Trailseeker Cullinan – https://www.jumpertrax.com/events/2201-tsg4-2018

Trail Run
Nissan Trailseeker Legends MX – https://www.jumpertrax.com/events/2221-tstr2-2018
Nissan Trailseeker Grabouw – https://www.jumpertrax.com/events/2421-tstrail3
Nissan Trailseeker Wellington – https://www.jumpertrax.com/events/2281-tstrw1-2018
Nissan Trailseeker Mabalingwe – https://www.jumpertrax.com/events/2231-tstr3-2018
Nissan Trailseeker Cullinan – https://www.jumpertrax.com/events/2241-tstr4-2018

When do entries close?

We would suggest entering asap, as entries are limited. Entries are available up until the day of event, if not sold out.

I have batch and seeding problems, who do I contact?

SASeeding handles all the batch and seeding information and sends through all the details Wednesday, before an event. If you feel unhappy or haven’t received your batch/seeding, please contact SASeeding at info@saseeding.co.za. Alternatively, this could be sorted at registration at the event.

When is registration?

Registration venue details are uploaded underneath each race’s profile and emailed through Wednesday before the race. Reminder: Please bring your SAS time board (MTB) or SAS arm band (Trail Run) to registration.

Registration on raceday starts at 06h00 at the race venue.

Why do I need a SAS time board or SAS arm band?

SASeeding time boards and arm bands are needed to place you in the correct batch according to previous race’s data. This will avoid trail jams, due to athletes not in correct batches.

Why should we bring our time boards or arm bands when collecting race packs?

We need to check if the timing chip is still fully functional.

What are the costs of a SAS time board or arm band?

The board or arm band can be bought online through Jumpertrax when you enter. Alternatively, available at registration venues at a cost of R60. If you’ve bought a timing device online, you will be able to collect at registration venues.

I’ve signed up for a certain distance but would like to change it. Is this possible?

Yes. Please email info@advendurance.com to change your race distance. Cut off time for changes are 7 days before an event.

Can we collect race packs on behalf of other people?

Yes, you can, just make sure you have their SAS number, name, surname and distance. They will hand you the race pack at registration.


What time does the event start?

We have compiled preliminary timing for planning purposes. During winter months, the times may vary, due to the sunrise.

Mountain Bike Events
Marathon Starts from 7:30- 8:00
Half Marathon from 08:30- 09:30
20km from 10am-10:15
10km from 10:30

Prize Giving: 12h00

Trail Run Events
21km start: 07h00
10km start: 07h30
5km start:  08h00
Pram Jam start: 08h15

Prize Giving: 10h00

How does the Kids Zone work?

The cost is R50 for children 4 years and older. They will take part in planned activities while being in a secure environment. Each child receives an armband whereby only the parent can collect them afterwards. There is a jumping castle available outside the kiddie’s area, for those who would like to relax after the race and entertain their kids.

What time is registration on race day?

Registration usually starts at 06h00 until the start of your race. We suggest registration the day before to avoid any long queues or delays.

Is there Nissan specific parking?

Yes! There is special parking set out for Nissan vehicle owners. Nissan parking is located close to the start and registration points.

Are there cut-off times at the events?

There are no cut-off times, we will cheer you along the whole way to make sure you finish. If however you feel like you can’t finish, a Nissan support vehicle will collect you on route.

Are there water points on MTB and Trail Run events?

Yes! We offer only the best water points throughout the trails for our athletes. You can expect anything from doughnuts, sweets, pancakes, pampoenkoekies, water etc.

Are there race updates throughout the day?

Partner; Specialized SA; sponsored Levo (https://www.specialized.com/za/en/new-arrivals/bikes/turbo-e-bikes/e-mountain-bikes/c/emountain) bikes, to keep up with the leaders. Vanessa Bell and Fritz Pienaar follow the pros on route and update every few minutes.

You can also follow us on social media where you will be able to see all the live updates on race day.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trailseekerseries
Twitter MTB: https://twitter.com/TrailSeekermtb
Twitter Run: https://twitter.com/TrailSeekerrun
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trailseekerseries/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDV9TULeEz5Wx6lSdetCQ7g
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/trailseeker

Is there prize money and what are the winnings?

You will be able to see a full breakdown of the prizes here: https://trailseekerseries.co.za/prize-money/

Are there bike washes available?

Yes, you will be able to purchase a Mud Buster voucher online when you enter. This will include a bike wash after the event. First come first serve bases, except when you have priority wash.

Are helmets a requirement?

Yes, each rider should wear a cycling helmet at all times. You will not be allowed to race without a helmet.

Are there medics on route?

There are medics located throughout the route.

What happens if my bike breaks in the middle of the course?

A cycling shop with a bike mechanic is on standby. Please note any parts or products that are used to fix your bike, will be at your own cost. Ensure you have a tube, pump and mini kit available to avoid any additional charges.


Where are my results?

A result SMS will be sent on race day. If you’ve not received an SMS, please visit www.jumpertrax.com where results are uploaded.

My results are not correct, who do I contact?

Please contact info@jumpertrax.com or timing@jumpertrax.com for any queries. We know Nissan Trailseeker riders are champs and would like to get their correct results asap. Please note on the day queries flood in and Jumpertrax will revert back to you as soon as possible.

I missed prize giving, how do I receive my prize?

Oh no! We wish we had a snapshot of you on the podium. Please contact info@advendurance.com with your name, surname and race number.

Where do I get my photos that was taken during the event?

Photos are available at www.jetlineactionphoto.com

Vendor & Sponsorship Queries

I would like to exhibit at event, how does it work?

Please contact francois@advendurance.com for any vendor related queries.

Who sponsors the Trailseeker Series?
Main Sponsors
Nissan South Africa
Specialized South Africa

Other Sponsors
Big Box
Planet Fitness
King Price
Mud Buster

How do we become a sponsor?

Please contact francois@advendurance.com for any sponsorship related queries.

SA XCM Championships

Do I need a Cycling SA Membership to enter online?

No. You will be charged a R35 day license fee, if you are competing in the SA XCM Champs for colours. You will need to purchase a Cycling SA membership and add your license number to your profile in order for us to allocate and verify the membership.

Do I need a Cycling SA Racing Licence to enter online?

Yes, if you wish to compete for provincial and national colours: Junior and Elite participants competing for colours need Cycling SA Membership and Racing Licences.

How much is a Cycling SA membership?

R250 plus a provincial levy which varies between R25 to R75.

How much is a Cycling SA Racing Licence?


Can I enter with a Day Licence if I am a Junior or Elite Participant?

Yes, but you will not be eligible for a national or provincial ranking or colours. You will still be on the event results and qualify for the Nissan Trailseeker Series standings.

Do I need to produce my Licence card at registration if I entered online?

No, all entries on the online entry list have already had their Licences checked so they don’t need to produce Licence cards.

Do Junior and Elite participants need to produce Licence cards if they do late entries on the day?

Yes, Junior and Elite late entries need to produce their Racing Licences or Digi Card on their phone.

Do Junior and Elite Participants need their UCI ID number?

Yes. Come prepared with your UCI ID number.

Is there an under 23 Category in (XCM) Marathon racing?

No, only in Cross Country (XCO)

How do I get a Cycling SA Membership and/or a Racing Licence?

You can go online and buy a membership and/or a Racing Licence through the Cycling SA website but the cut-off time for late entries is 1 July 2018 – www.cyclingsa.com